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St Lucia Vs Antigua two different views

Struggling with choosing whether to visit St. Lucia vs Antigua for your impending occasions? Indeed, you are at the ideal location! In the accompanying aide, we did a top-to-bottom exploration of the two nations; ideally, this article will help you pick the most reasonable objective.

Introduction To St. Lucia 

It is the best island that you can visit in the Caribbean. Since vacationers visit less, the island is in perfect condition, and you will investigate more elements of the island on your visit.

The island is dabbed with vast woods and white sandy seashores that will lift your holidaying experience. Since it has a critical impact on the English, Indian, French, and African societies, the island is wealthy in culture, variety, and fun things you can do on your visit.

Individuals are the most amicable people in the Caribbean, and it is a fabulous location that you should consider on your next getaway. The shoreline is home to reef-plunging locales, volcanic sea shores, and the best extravagant resorts you can investigate on your visit.

Introduction To Antigua

This is a Caribbean island that individuals will more often than not confound to be one. Be that as it may, the authority’s name is Antigua and Barbuda.

The country is comprised of two massive islands, and there are so many fun things that you can do in this great area during your excursion.

The sandy sea shores are perfect, and the individuals are warm and inviting. You are sure that you will partake in your experience on the island. Antigua is in the leeward islands, the biggest English-talking country around here. The nation has more than 300 seashores. Like this, you will always have fun exercises.

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Transports: St. Lucia vs Antigua 

TransportsSt. LuciaAntigua
Taxis 1.7 $ per km1.8 $ per km
Uber 2.8 $ per km2.9 $ per km
Lyft 2.7 $ per km 2.8 $ per km
bicycles Depends on PreferenceDepends On Preference
Rental vehicle33 $ per day36 $ per day
Public Transport1-3 $ per ride1-3 $ per ride

The most well-known type of transport on St Lucia Island is transport. The charge goes from $1 to $3, contingent upon your objective.


There are taxis around St. Lucia, and you can board one from the primary air terminal to any objective of your decision. There is no Uber or Lyft on the island. However, you can pay for these taxicabs, assuming you decide to do as such. The expense from Gros islet to Rodney inlet is $10, etc.


St. Lucía offers a wide cluster of trail-blazing bicycles you can browse and use to move from one area to the next. The bicycles will cost you around $48 each day.


It is one of the most incredible ways of investigating the island since you can involve your driver as an aide. Antigua is a beautiful island, and you can investigate it well with an aide from nearby. They will give you knowledge about the island and individuals. You ought to get the cost from the driver before you leave since the costs are not metered.


Antigua has a transport administration running all through the country. Nonetheless, these transports could be more consistent, consequently, the need to search for dependable help.

The most widely recognized transports are minivans with exceptionally vivid varieties, and since the streets might be uneven, it tends to be an unpleasant ride. The cost fluctuates depending on the distance covered.

Rental vehicle

You can decide to lease a vehicle on your outing to Antigua. Notwithstanding, the vehicles are usually charged in light of the number of hours, and you should pay $20 for the permit. Since Antigua is an English state, they usually drive on the left; subsequently, you ought to watch out.

Adventures in Saint Lucia vs Antigua

AdventureSt. LuciaAntigua
Swimming NoNo


St. Lucía has the absolute best climbing trails you can investigate on your visit. These paths are stamped, and the scenes from the mountains are uncommon.

Swimming in the sulfur springs

This is one of the pleasant things you can do while on the island. The underground aquifers are a massive fascination with vacationers. You can stroll through the underground aquifers, and you will be charged $10 for a little while to the showers.


This is a great movement that you should attempt while on your getaway. There is a zipline in the rainforest, and you can see the typical habitat where you can look at from the top. This experience is noteworthy, and you ought to ask the amount they will charge you.

Undertakings to Appreciate In Antigua

Swim with Stingrays

You can swim with the stingrays and have good times in the coral reefs. The beams are known to cherish consideration; in this way, your visit to the locale can be a fabulous encounter.


It is a great activity that you can do in Antigua. The ziplines are in the rainforest, and it is an outstanding encounter that you will see once you are around here. Depending on your need, you can pick a full or half visit and look at the beautiful woodland.

Investigate Satan’s extension

The influxes of the Atlantic Sea have made a humongous regular curve limestone known as Satan’s scaffold. Since this scaffold has been framed throughout the long term, it is an ideal spot to dive deeper into nature and its movement. Also, it is a great spot to see limestone and coral reefs.

Culture and Individuals in Saint Lucia vs Antigua

St. Lucia

The individuals of St. Lucía are warm individuals with inviting and friendly characters. Africans, French, and English impacted their way of life.


Individuals of Antigua are the best due to their friendliness. Assuming you are visiting the island, you are confident that you will encounter the best occasion. They are warm, friendly, and dynamic.

Night Stay Options in Saint Lucia vs Antigua

OptionsSt. LuciaAntigua
Beach site YesYes

The Best Time to Visit St Lucía

The best time to visit St. Lucía is May through October. During this period, the temperature goes from 20 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius, subsequently an ideal opportunity to loosen up in the tropical breeze and sun.

The Best Time to Visit Antigua

The ideal time that you can visit Antigua is from mid-April through November. This is an ideal time since there will be a couple of vacationers; thus, you can see better places effortlessly. Additionally, it is an off-top season; the rates are more amicable.


St Lucia

St. Lucía is a protected island; you can visit it any season.


Antigua is a protected country for vacationers, and you should be apprehensive if you visit the island. Nonetheless, you ought to deal with your possessions and try not to streak costly adornments to draw in or entice hoodlums.

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