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St Lucia vs. Barbados is a question most tourists have in mind before going for a holiday. These have been two of the most sought-after Caribbean objections for quite some time. And keeping in mind that they’re both astounding, tremendous contrasts exist between them. 

We’ve thought about the two spots as far as size, attractions, convenience, and the general ‘vibe’ to assist you with concluding which one is best for your next trip.

Barbados or St Lucia – which is ideal?

While Barbados is generally renowned for its flawless sea shores, the island brings more to the table. Notwithstanding the powder-white sands and turquoise waters that belong to the island, you’ll find humming nightlife, a Unesco-recorded capital, and a delightful inside with beautiful nurseries and manor homes.

 Barbados acquired freedom from England in 1966, yet its frontier structures and English-talking local people hold somewhat English energy.

Size-wise, there is undoubtedly no colossal contrast between Barbados and St Lucia. Barbados estimates around 166 square miles making it somewhat more than St Lucia.

Albeit moderately small in size, Barbados has a more significant number of attractions than most other Caribbean islands.

You can investigate some worthy locales, start on top greens, party at popular celebrations, or shop until you drop by its numerous shopping centers.

The dollar has been the neighborhood money in Barbados, beginning around 1935. Barbadian dollars (BDS) are fixed at the pace of $2 BDS for each $1 US dollar, and many people in Barbados will acknowledge US dollars at the proper rate.

Night Stay Options in St Lucia & Barbados

OptionsSt. LuciaBarbados
Beach site YesYes

Adventure options in St Lucia & Barbados

AdventuresSt. LuciaBarbados
Swimming NoYes

Is it advisable for you to visit Barbados or St Lucia?

Situated around 100 miles toward the northwest of Barbados, St Lucia is a genuinely desirable option. For sheer magnificence, you will not want more than the striking sandy seashores and the wilderness of the volcanic towers known as the Pitons.

 In the north of St Lucia, Rodney Cove offers lazy days and everyday comforts. In contrast, in the south, Soufriere (the previous capital of Holy person Lucia during seasons of French rule) offers stowed-away sea shores, memorable manors, and probably the most incredible landscape in the whole Caribbean.

Regarding size, St Lucia has an all-out area of 238 square miles and a populace of around 180,000 (so it’s considerably more significant, with far fewer individuals).

Its money is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC), even though most organizations on the island broadly acknowledge US dollars. Costs are cited in US dollars at many hotels, cafés, and traveler objections.

Transport options

The flight time to St Lucia is about 9 hours from London or 4 hours from New York. Because of the island’s rocky territory, getting around can be slow.

Moves from Hewanorra toward the island’s north require about an hour and a half, and it’s something like 40 minutes to Soufriere.

 It is enthusiastically prescribed to recruit a vehicle if you’re a genuinely sure driver. Transports, cabs, boats, and even helicopter moves are well-known approaches to getting around.

St Lucia to Barbados

Making a trip from St Lucia to Barbados is simple. Furthermore, it’s similarly simple to make a trip from Barbados to St Lucia! There are no ship administrations, and if there were, it would require some investment! However, more modest between-island planes fly from St Lucia to Barbados and from Barbados to St Lucia.

Minor Factors Relating Barbados and St Lucia

Barbados has a standing where you can recognize big names, particularly on its great west or ‘platinum’ coast. However, there’s a separate side to Barbados that is socially rich and much more affordable. You’ll likewise view modest and-lively diners, obligation-free shopping centers, and free exercises to appreciate if you know where to look.

The island has every conceivable kind of dynamite sea shore, including the best positions for swimming, surfing, and unwinding. The west coast has flawless sands bordered by the quiet Caribbean Ocean, permitting you to appreciate swimming, water sports, and swimming with turtles.

Adventure over to the Atlantic sea shores on the east coast, and you’ll track down a desolate shoreline and enthusiastic surf.

Barbados is likewise one of the most secure Caribbean islands, so you can go out and investigate as and when you wish. Cricket, evening tea, moving, and drinking rum are well-known pursuits, as are loosening up around the ocean, raising a ruckus around town, and eating out.

There are many celebrations throughout the year, including road parties, sports celebrations, social festivals, and culinary occasions.

The most famous celebration is Harvest Over, the starting points of which date back to Barbados’ flourishing sugar stick industry.

 Different occasions incorporate the Barbados Reggae Celebration, Holders Season, Holetown Celebration, and the Barbados Food and Rum Celebration.

The beauty of Saint Lucia

In the meantime, St Lucia has the absolute most beautiful landscape in the Caribbean. Invest energy investigating, and you’ll find stunning professional flowerbeds, a drive-in spring of gushing lava, and a couple of taking-off twin pinnacles. 

The pleasant spots of Rodney Sound and Marigot Cove are the locations of decision for most travelers. At the same time, thick rainforest, wilderness-clad mountains, and immense manors overwhelm the focal and southern pieces of the island. You can make road trip outings by boat and street between the north and the south.

 St Lucia’s sea shores are lovely and different. The northern sea shores are more occupied yet have a far more impressive selection of conveniences, for example, water sports rentals, eateries, and bars.

The south, particularly the southwest where the Pitons are found, is significantly more beautiful and peaceful; however, the seashores are generally of dim volcanic sand.

With its unending regular attractions, St Lucia is the best place to experience adventures. You can zip-line through the treetops, journey across the wilderness, and climb up Gros and Piton.

It’s likewise home to one of the world’s best drive-in fountains of liquid magma, where you can absorb a warm mineral mud shower and wash yourself off in a volcanic pool.

When is the best opportunity to visit Barbados and St Lucia?

The sun sparkles throughout the entire year in the Caribbean, and there truly is no ‘best’ time to go except for conditions, and costs change depending upon the season. Taking everything into account, the season on the two islands runs from mid-December through April.

 During these months, rates are often higher than at different seasons, yet the weather conditions are generally at their ideal.

Rates are less expensive in the mid-year and fall months when it’s stickier and wetter. Note that St Lucia gets more rainy seasons than its competitor, Barbados.

There are a couple of seasons past the point of no return (spring and late fall) when you’re going to outwit the two seasons. We hope our blog created a clear distinction between the two for you. We hope you enjoy your visit here whenever you plan your next trip.

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