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The Caribbean Sea is one of the most beautiful and diverse bodies of water in the world. If you’ve ever been to Saint Lucia, you know that it’s an island known for its turquoise waters and pristine coral reefs.

With the island’s coral reefs, pristine beaches, and beautiful sunsets, Saint Lucia is an ideal destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. We provide you with tours of all these which are affordable and include all gear rental, expert local guides, and transportation.

The Caribbean is a perfect destination for a sea tour, but the best way to see it is from a private boat. Our sea tour allows you to have a personalized experience by taking in the sights and sounds of the sea, as well as other things you wouldn’t be able to see from shore. Our luxury boats offer a variety of packages that will suit any budget, from couples looking for romantic escapades, to groups travelling on school trips.

Dive into the Diversity of Nature

St. Lucia sits on the Caribbean ocean, surrounded by breathtaking beaches, incredible reefs, and spectacular waterfalls. If you’re looking to experience these natural wonders at their finest, then our company is the best option for you!

On a clear day, the waters surrounding Saint Lucia are a neon blue. Come experience a close encounter with marine life in this underwater paradise through our guided tours. Our professional staff uses the latest technology to ensure an unforgettable adventure.

Our affordable tours are led by friendly locals who know the best spots to go diving or snorkeling. We also provide transport from your hotel to the tour location.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Saint Lucia’s crystal clear waters, coral reefs, exotic wildlife, and pristine beach. Sea Tours is the only company in Saint Lucia that offers sea tours with multiple boats, offering an exciting range of three-hour or half-day trips. Our staff are trained to cater to your every need so you can enjoy the tropical paradise without worrying about anything!

Try a new perspective on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. Sail from the capital city of Castries to the pristine secluded island of Soufriere where you’ll enjoy a day of snorkeling, swimming, and exploring. From snorkeling to diving, our expert guides will take you to the best spots to see the amazing marine life and stunning landscapes. Book your next family adventure today!

Enjoy Exploring!

One of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia boasts a fantastic shoreline that is perfect for a scenic tour. With a wide variety of activities and landmarks to see, including white sand beaches and turquoise water, it’s no wonder this island is so popular. Saint Lucia is the perfect destination for vacations. Its pristine beaches, rainforest trails, and coral reefs are all easily accessible from the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Join our group of adventure-seekers who enjoy exploring the world on land and sea! We offer tours on land and sea, including snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and more! Our tours are eco-friendly and do not harm the ecosystem of St. Lucia. It’s time to escape the city’s daily grind and experience something new with us on one of our exciting tours!

Our tours are customized for each group, using all of our years of experience to ensure that you get the most value for your money. Our friendly staff will help you get comfortable with the boats and find a nice spot for you view the stunning Caribbean Sea.

Saint Lucia is a beautiful island with a rich history and culture. We offer tours of the island, including visits to waterfalls, caves, and other attractions. With our expertise, you will leave Saint Lucia with memories that will last a lifetime.


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