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While arranging your next cruising holiday to Saint Lucia, a private boat to St. Lucia is a great choice. Sprinkled with exquisite sea shores, natural marvels, lavish vegetation, and entertaining marine life, the ‘Helen of the West is a great objective. In any case, you needn’t bother to be a Popeye to appreciate one of the Windward Islands.

Whether cruising on a personal ship or with a crew, we have arranged all you want to be aware of St. Lucia private boat tours.

 Begin by cruising down the coast, partaking in the island’s astounding view from a sailboat until you show up in Soufriere. You’ll have great perspectives on the Pitons! When you show up in Soufriere, jump into your chauffeured vehicle holding back to get you from the dock.

You’ll have the option to browse the accompanying visit stops:

  • fountain of liquid magma visit
  • volcanic mud shower
  • zipline
  • professional flowerbeds
  • cascade
  • top-notch eatery
  • or, on the other hand, a couple of nearby areas of interest

Are there any dangers on the way to dealing with St. Lucia?

To be honest, certainly no! The way to deal with St. Lucia is moderately primary, and the absence of perils makes it an ideal objective for less experienced mariners hoping to add their ocean miles.

While there are no detailed risks right now, it is suggested that you watch out for any occasions that might be happening on the commencement of your flight to guarantee you are entirely educated and can make elective arrangements. Is it a good idea for you to change your course?

With its favorable environment, the waters encompassing St. Lucia are loaded with brilliant marine untamed life.

Swimming Sites in St. Lucia

Following are some of the sites where you can actually swim in Saint Lucia;

  • Anse de Pitons – in actuality, is the most famous swimming site in St. Lucia. It would help if you went to the foundation of The Pitons, where you could see an enormous assortment of corals, fish, and reefs.
  • Virgin Cove is incredible for amateurs because of its moderately shallow waters; Virgin Cove is an excellent place for those new to snorkeling while still enabling individuals to see a variety of beautiful sea creatures.
  • Reduit Beach – on the Northwest coast near Rodney Narrows Marina, Reduit Oceanside is a well-known decision for those cruising St. Lucia. Because of the prominence of this area, snorkellers are reminded to remain sharp as it can get exceptionally occupied.

Best Jumping Destinations in St. Lucia?

Jumping spots in St. Lucia are copious, and picking which to jump will be, to a greater extent, a test than getting a brief look at intriguing ocean life. Whether you are PADI guaranteed or wish to join a joint diving endeavor, there are different choices.

Piton Wall 

 At the base of Petit Piton, the 1,500ft submerged wall is home to a variety of marine life, These including beams, turtles, bright corals, and around 160 distinct types of fish.

Turtle Reef – misleadingly, Turtle Reef gets its name from its shape instead of its occupants! However, try to keep this from putting you off! The reef is buzzing with ocean animals, including Hawksbill turtles, barrel wipes, and moray eels.

Lesleen M Wreck 

Ideal for jumpers new to wreck plunging, the Lesleen M Wreck was sunk to establish a verdant climate for large measures of marine life, including octopus, turtles, neon ocean insects, and schools of brilliant exotic fish.

The Pinnacles 

Make a beeline for Soufriere Sound and plunge into The Zeniths, one of the Caribbean’s most great marine locales. As well as the four familiar landmarks that ascent regally from the ocean, you’ll be encircled by plentiful ocean animals, including Venus fish, butterfly fish, and moray eels. You may try and experience a barracuda!

The most worth-pressed method for investigating the regular marvels of the island heaven of St. Lucia. On a 40-foot skippered yacht, two energizing day sails take you toward the island’s northern tip and south to Soufri√®re in style.

 You can only wholly encounter St. Lucia once you’ve encountered it from the ocean. Partake in a few mind-blowing sights, the excitement of cruising, some magnificent swimming, and a touch of time on shore to investigate. Our day sails are famous for experienced and first-time mariners the same.

St Lucia Remote Ocean Fishing

Whether you have never been fishing or are an accomplished angler, we are glad to have you join this undeniably exhilarating and energizing experience. Set off on an undertaking on this great St Lucia Remote ocean fishing outing.

Lucia Remote ocean Fishing (Soufriere)

Whether you have never been fishing or are an accomplished fisherman, we are glad to have you join this exhilarating and refreshing experience.

Go ahead at regular ones, for example, Wahoo, Fish, Sailfish, Barracuda, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Long Bill Spearfish, Ruler Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Cavali, and Snapper from the “battling seat.” A turning seat technique guarantees everybody gets an opportunity to land the “large one.”

St Lucia Whale and Dolphin Watching

Entrancing turquoise blue waters favored with an overflow of marine life encompass this lovely nature island of our own. Give up on this phenomenal experience as you go along with us on a St Lucia Whale and Dolphin Spotting experience.

St Lucia Base Fishing 

Join this fun and intuitive Base Fishing Experience, a star encounter for all ages. This “Simple Catch, No Experience Required” movement positions among the best saltwater fishing encounters in the Caribbean.

Deckhands are on the boat to help you snare and reel in your catch and to give fishing tips and help. Sit back, unwind and partake in the determination of accessible and locally available beverages.


Toward the end of your experience, you’ll return to your sailboat and have a valuable chance to swim and snorkel at the foundation of the Pitons. 

Then, you’ll end the day by cruising into the St Lucian dusk, going through the beautiful Marigot Inlet for astounding photograph operations. You’ll get to move on the sailboat to island rhythms once again to the beginning stage of the visit to end your day. Have a visit with great worth!

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