Helicopter Experience in St. Lucia

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Taking a helicopter ride in St Lucia is a fantastic way to see the Pitons and the island’s magnificence.

If you are remaining at one of those lovely resorts in St Lucia, you can book a helicopter ride from the air terminal to the retreat – taking in the best perspectives on the Pitons on the way.

The Saint Lucia Helicopter tour is one of the experiences that you should definitely try at least once. You can book an autonomous helicopter ride to explore and admire the island’s beauty. Let us guide you more about it.

Pitons of St Lucia

These are incredible sights from any perspective. The dormant volcanos are majestic and beautiful. These Pitons are the island’s most prominent landmark.

 The Pitons can be viewed by land through hiking and exploring. They can also be viewed from the water, located on the southwestern coast. However, the most breathtaking views of the Pitons are the birds-eye view from the air. The helicopter tour of St Lucia was an experience I will never forget.

Regardless of how frequently you see them, the Pitons stay as sensational as the initial time. Nonetheless, first-time watchers are probably going to be blown away at how glorious these twin pinnacles are, in actuality, especially while taking them in close up in both of the two towns where they are found.

That is correct, for sure; Gros Piton and Petit Piton, as they are known, can be tracked down in two distinct regions on the island, Soufriere and Choiseul, to be careful.

 They are in such exact positions that from different points, they appear to be rambling up next to each other, which makes locating them much more momentous.

 The Pitons are a World Heritage Site, with Gros Piton remaining at 2,619ft, the taller of the two. While in Saint Lucia, express yes to a chance to climb the Pitons, as this is an encounter you will probably remember forever.

Directed visits are accessible to the highest point of Gros Piton, while Petit Piton rising 2,425ft is a more extreme and seriously testing move, with significantly less climbing traffic to the top.

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North Island Helicopter Visit

The North Island helicopter tour includes views of Castries (the capital of St Lucia), main beaches and hotels, Cap Estate homes, the rugged Atlantic Coast, Pigeon Island, the Rodney Bay Marina, and Rat Island.

The total flight time is around 15 minutes. This may also include pilot commentary on the history and current island situation.

South Island Helicopter Visit

This visit incorporates perspectives on Castries, Marigot Inlet, St. Lucia’s fishing towns, rich rainforests, inside the mountain, the Pitons, the Soufriere Well of lava, coral reefs, plunging locales, cascades, waterways, and valleys.

The total flight time is 20 minutes and consists of the pilot’s commentary on history, rainforest highlights, native species, land included, and should-visit places.


St Lucia is a beautiful spot to visit, relaxing and full of wonder. By including a helicopter ride in your visit, you will understand the island according to an improved point of view. You will also wonder about the unique geological highlights that make the island unique.

The excitement of being in a helicopter, taking off over the island, will also give any daredevils in your gathering a great treat!

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